Day care surgery - With our surgical expertise and aid of the modern instruments like laser, we are in a position to offer all surgeries as 'day care surgeries' if so desired. Under this concept, which is widely being followed in developed countries, patient is admitted in the morning, operated and discharged the same evening. Advantages of 'day care surgery' are -

• Cost of hospital stay is reduced.
• There is less loss of precious working days of patient & relatives.
• Patient undergoes faster & better healing in home environment in absence of hospital stress – both physical & mental.


Cost - Despite using highly advanced and expensive equipment in our operative set-up comparable to corporate hospitals like Apollo, we have kept operative fee at a level which is comparable to Central Government prescribed rates.


Interactive patient education programme – Using computer software, CDs, operative clippings.


Some of the facilities & their uses


Laser (Daishins Dream Pulses 30 Watt Laser System) - a very powerful laser which can be used in all types of ENT surgery with the following advantages—

• Much reduced operative time due to almost bloodless surgery
• Negligible swelling & pain after surgery.
• Operation for nasal obstruction possible as 'OPD surgery'. No post operative packing required.
• A very high precision in surgery of voice box & ear leading to excellent results.
• Possibility to remove tonsils only partially, thus retaining the rest for body immune protection function.
• Vaporisation of leucoplakia & other lesions of mouth, cheek, tongue etc., thus preventing them from becoming cancerous. This can be done as an OPD procedure.
 • Major cancer surgeries can be done in a very short time with minimal blood loss & recovery time.
• Various applications in lesions of skin & plastic surgery operations (OPD procedure).


FESS - Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (Karl Storz Endoscopic System) is available for treatment of chronic sinusitis & nasal polyps. Results are remarkably better than conventional surgery, since all diseased sinuses can be meticulously cleared of the disease under direct endoscopic visualisation. Moreover post operative endoscopic monitoring ensures that no recurrence occurs. Dramatic results of this operation clearly negate the old myth that sinus problems are untreatable. s


Endonasal DCR i.e. operation of tear sac can be done endoscopically without any incision on the face with very good cosmetic and functional results.


Endoscopic examination with recordings for ear, nose, throat, voice box, trachea & bronchii (wind pipe) and oesophagus (food pipe) are available for better diagnosis and management of respective diseases.

Sleep lab (Polysomnography) facility is available for diagnosis in snoring problems. It is a highly advanced channel instrument which constantly monitors parameters during sleep e.g. ECG, EEG, oxygen saturation, muscle tone, movements, etc. Depending on the diagnosis made by sleep studies, can be treated by laser surgery.

Management of giddiness - Treatment of giddiness is rather difficult as it is not easy to make a proper diagnosis. With a wide range of gadgets in our Audio-vestibular lab (AV lab) i.e. ENG, BERA, audiometry, tympanometry, CCG. etc., it becomes easier to pin-point the disease and hence achieve better results of the treatment.


Hearing aids - With the help of advanced hearing tests, HYPRo & computer softwares, we practice scientific dispensing of hearing aids, thus achieving a very high patient satisfaction rate. We have a wide range of digital and programmable hearing aids which give CD like clarity to the sound, and their programming is done by computer software rather than manual switches. We specialize in ITC (in the ear canal aid which is only partially visible) & CIC (completely in canal hearing aid which is not externally visible).

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